Translation Services

According to a survey 1.8 billion people speak English language i.e. merely 27% of the total population and a small 4.68% to 5.75% of the world population speak English as their first language? That simply implies that if you want to expose yourself to the rest 73% of the world, you need to communicate in their language.

We help to reach out to the world through our translation services. We will assist you with the translation of your website, Technical Documents in the targeted foreign language. At E-Link, when we say translation we do not mean word-to-word translation as a given word in a given language can carry more than one meanings and similar meaning can also be expressed through various words.

We have a language service team and Quality Assurance team to provide translation services rapidly and cost-effectively for all major Asian and European languages . The team also has proficiency and expertise to carry out accurate translation in accordance with nature of the translated language.

What We Offer

Customized application development using latest tools and technologies. With our efficient development we have maintained 100% success ratio in application development.
With our excellent and experienced team we can integrate the application developed to the existing system in an organization. We have maintained very high ration in client retention.
We have a saprate team for implementation service for our valued clients. This team not only understands the requirement but efficiently communicate with development team to get optimal output.