Management Team

Suhas Kore


Helping people with recognizing and creating wealth as part of advisory services has been my forte for over 30 years. This resulted in making people invest for their family’s well being made me feel that quality of life is paramount to everyone. I have mainly served clients from Government fraternity there by interacted with them closely. This has given me a perspective of their operations to meet basic requirements for the betterment of people. The sectors that had most impact on me were water and power, without which the life of every person comes to a stand still.

I was always intrigued on the ways I could contribute to these sectors. Empowerment by way of technology was the answer that resulted in establishing an IT Company to serve these needs. The idea of Elink was born in 2008, with the objective to link technology with sustainable solutions.

The goal is to remove complexity from operational processes and provide seamless experience to the end consumers.

Elink has associated with international solution providers to ensure we are able to provide more exceptional service coverage to our customers.

I always believe that small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements.

Krishna Pai

Managing Director

I have been associated with Elink since the days of its inception as an advisor to Suhas Kore. I was engaged with Multi-National Shipping Companies in various roles within IT. In 2020, Elink embarked on an ambitious expansion plan and I decided to play an active role to support the transition, as Managing Director. There is huge potential for our products and services in the utility segment and our revenue has doubled since then and we have an ambitious target for the coming year.

We hope to continue the upward trend in revenue and achieve the target for the coming years.

Team Members

Sandeep Singh

General Manager
Planning & Strategy

Pushpendra Singh

Senior Manager

Kruti Trivedi

Senior Manager